Fleet & Family Support Center China Lake

The NAWS China Lake Fleet and Family Support Centers provides services such as
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Career Services: 760-939-4553

Counseling and Assistance: 760-939-8319

Disaster Preparedness: 760-939-4545

Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP): 760-939- 4553

Financial Management: 760-939-1018

Life Skills: 760-939-4553

Mind Body Mental Fitness: 760-939-3743

Navy Gold Star: 760-939-3743

Navy Wounded Warrior

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response 

Transition Assistance Program (TAP): 760-939-1018

Relocation Support: 760-939-4553

Deployment Support: 760-939-1018

Ombudsman Coordinator: 760-939-4553

Legal Services: 760-939-5630

Tax Support: 760-939-4545

Retiree Support: 760-939-0978

Language Interpretation Services: Available through Military One Source.

Appointment Scheduling is available. Call 1-866-923-6478